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Hundredth Monkey

I recently had the opportunity to attend some sessions at the National Resource Center on Child Welfare Data & Technology (NRCCWDT) conference as well as National Youth in Transition Database (NYTD) and Court Improvement Program (CIP) sessions.  I know, lots … Continue reading

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Heat Exposure and Health

My neighbor’s 15-year-old grandson visited the DC area over the 4th of July weekend in order to perform with his high school marching band.  Unfortunately, rather than drumming with his friends and classmates in the parade, he spent the day … Continue reading

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Spending on Children

I recently attended a session hosted by First Focus during which the latest figures on government spending (in the U.S) for children’s programs was released.  There were lots of numbers discussed and some rather distressing percentages provided, comparing spending on … Continue reading

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Children of spies

There has been a great deal of attention in the U.S. to the recent arrest, guilty pleas, and deportation of ten Russian spies.  Although those involved have left the U.S to be returned to Russia, as a child welfare professional, I cannot … Continue reading

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is a forum for discussion of a variety of issues related to child welfare.  While child protection will be an emphasis, you will also see posts on topics such as poverty, research & data, health  & … Continue reading

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