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My Favorite Libraries

In case you are here to read about child welfare, let me say upfront that this is not about child welfare. Well, I suppose I could make the stretch and say that children often go to libraries, or that libraries … Continue reading

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Frenemy (or Fakeholder) of Child Welfare

It’s not really a word, yet, but give it time. USA Today reported in 2009 that ‘frenemy‘ is on the list of new words to be added to Webster’s Dictionary. By their definition a frenemy is ‘someone who acts like … Continue reading

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No Whining Allowed

It’s November 2nd and here in the U.S., we all know what that means. It’s time to VOTE! It’s impossible to miss it…unless you don’t have television, radio, newspaper, and never leave home. How can anyone miss the nauseating ads … Continue reading

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