No Whining Allowed

It’s November 2nd and here in the U.S., we all know what that means. It’s time to VOTE! It’s impossible to miss it…unless you don’t have television, radio, newspaper, and never leave home. How can anyone miss the nauseating ads (some literally), the bickering, the accusations, the blaming, and finger-pointing?

Setting aside the annoying pre-election drama, at some point we must focus on the business of making decisions about how we will live our lives in this country.  The thing that is easy to forget, is that our voices must be heard, not just at election time but year round.  It is easy to abdicate our responsibility for ensuring that our country does the right thing.  Our responsibility does not end on the first Wednesday in November.  We must continue the dialogue with elected officials, with governmental officials, with our neighbors, about our passions.  We cannot elect people to represent us and walk away, whining when issues important to us are lost in the process.

This is why I will continue to write, initiate conversations, respond to requests for input, and share with anyone that will listen regarding what is best for children, especially vulnerable children.

About ckhayek

I am a Child Welfare Advocate, Data-geek, Writer (and Reader), Cheesecake Baker, and Stunt Kite Flyer .... balance is important! 8-) © 2005-2018 Connie Hayek All Rights Reserved
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