Do the Math: Just One More

There was a tweet posted recently stating that there are 114,000 kids waiting for an adoptive home. I replied that 40-50,000 families could take that number to zero (assuming some of the 114,000 are siblings and might be adopted together). The response from the original tweeter was that, if one and three churches could get one family to adopt, the number waiting would be radically impacted. (The original post was made by @AdoptJourney, in case you are interested. According to the website associated with the Twitter account, the organization, The Adoption Journey, is a ‘collective of organizations breaking down barriers to adoption’.)

One in three churches seems like a manageable number to me.  And even more so if, of those one in three, there is just one family recruited. Really? One family from one third of the churches?

Being a realist, I know that many churches are struggling now to maintain membership and financial stability. Religious organizations used to be the central connector in many communities. This was before zumba classes and soccer and book clubs and thousands of other distractions, both off and on-line. So lets expand the pool; what if we looked to one in three churches, schools, and fitness centers? The number just increased exponentially. So for some groups it might be a challenge to get a diverse membership to rally around the idea of becoming an adoptive family so lets say that each will recruit at lease one individual or family to become involved in some capacity in adoption or foster care? There are lots of options…..CASA volunteers, mentors, visitation facilitators, respite providers, foster grandparenting. What if the one family recruited came with a community of supporters–others from the same organization or group who agreed to assist in some way to ensure the success of the adoption process.

The math on this is staggering. By expanding the pool to include other potentially interested and available groups/organizations, that 114,000 number would be down to zero in no time! And expanding the options to include supportive community activities, the likelihood of successful adoptive placements would also be increased. We might even put a dent in unemployment in the process, with the increased need for social workers, trainers, persons to provide volunteer screening and recruitment.

This is one math exercise that all 114,000 kids waiting to be adopted would appreciate!


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