Children Count: A One-Stop Repository of Data Related to Children’s Well-Being

This isn’t a typical blog post, I’ll just say that upfront. People who know or follow me know that I’m a bit of a data freak geek. There’s a project I’ve wanted to do for years now–literally. It involves child welfare data and much more. The Knight Foundation announced a while back that they would fund innovative data projects (News Challenge – Phase 2, Data) and I just could not pass up the opportunity to apply.

So, if you would like to see better, more timely access to data about kids in your community, please consider taking 30 seconds to ‘like’ my project at

While you are there, you can add comments, suggestions, or words of encouragement.


About ckhayek

I am a Child Welfare Advocate, Data-geek, Writer (and Reader), Cheesecake Baker, and Stunt Kite Flyer .... balance is important! 8-) © 2005-2018 Connie Hayek All Rights Reserved
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