Super Bowl Switch Up

For weeks now, media outlets have been abuzz with talk about the Super Bowl. Even people who are not fans of football will watch, if only for the billion dollar commercials or the half-time show. It’s a big deal, not just in the United States, but around the worldSuper_Bowl_XLVII_logo.

In the past, when there have been big dollar events such as the Super Bowl, I’ve taken to Twitter to share some tidbits, facts and figures related to the events. I’m already gearing up for the big game–not because I like football though. And not because I want to see the commercials or the half-time show (although I will probably watch just so I know what everyone else is tweeting about). No, my tweets regarding facts and figures are more practical in nature. They will focus on the resources that go into the Super Bowl event and how they might be used in other ways. Just switching things up a bit, if you will. Anyone who has followed me on Twitter (@ckhayek) during past big-ticket events, may know what I’m talking about. If not, well, follow me for facts and figures related to the big event and important issues in your community. Look for the hashtag #SuperBowlSwitchUp, #SwitchUp, or check out my Twitter handle, @ckhayek to learn more.

And while I’m writing, I would be remiss if I did not mention the person that I believe will be the star of the Super Bowl: Michael Oher. If you haven’t read his autobiography, I Beat the Odds, or seen the movie, The Blind Side, you really need to check them out. His is a great story of perseverance despite adversity, the kindness of strangers, the importance of caring adults in the life of a child, and what it means to be part of a family, a forever family. Despite growing up in chaos, often with no one to care for him, Michael Oher beat the odds, overcoming obstacles many will never experience. He will be on the field, as offensive tackle for the Baltimore Ravens. But before he got there, he experienced extreme poverty, homelessness, foster care, and eventually was adopted by Leigh Anne and Sean Tuohy, a couple who recognized the importance of a home and family for a young man determined to succeed. Their commitment to changing the world for one child, provided Michael Oher with the personal connection and commitment he needed to thrive. Michael Oher is more than a success story though. He has taken his experience further and provided a role model to other young people in difficult situations. His book is part autobiography, part guide for young people on making sound life choices. I’ll be watching and cheering for number 74, Michael Oher, who has beat the odds in more ways than one.

Twitter fans, watch for tweets by @ckhayek, look for #SuperBowlSwitchUp (or #SwitchUp) during Super Bowl 2013. If you are not Twitter savvy, not to worry….I’ll update this post with tweets after the game.

Post Game Update: The following are tweets from the Super Bowl, as they appeared on Super Bowl Sunday; switching things up, 140 characters at a time.

49ers quarterback, Colin Kaepernick was adopted as an infant. #adoption #SuperBowlSwitchUp

On average 600 #childabuse reports are made every 10 minutes in US. Since #SuperBowl 2013 began, approx 900 reports made #SuperBowlSwitchUp

An order of nachos at #SuperBowl cost $14. @FeedingAmerica could provide 112 meals with the cost of one order of nachos. #SuperBowlSwitchUp

The cost of a 20 oz beer at the #SuperBowl would provide 96 meals through @FeedingAmerica #SuperBowlSwitchUp

Consumers spend $5.6 billion on #SuperBowl related items, approx 46% of cost of #fostercare in the US annually. #SuperBowlSwitchUp

The average cost of one 30 second ad during the #SuperBowl would cover annual cost of #fostercare for 80+ kids. #SuperBowlSwitchUp

The average #child or #youth in #fostercare today will still be there for #SuperBowl 2015. #SuperBowlSwitchUp

Ravens #74, Michael Oher, experienced #poverty, #homelessnesss, #fostercare, and eventually #adoption as a #teen. #SuperBowlSwitchUp

Approximately 680 #children will enter #fostercare on #SuperBowl Sunday. #SuperBowlSwitchUp

Approximately half of the 680 #children entering #fostercare today will ultimately be placed in the home of a stranger. #SuperBowlSwitchUp

The #SuperBowl has been around 8 years longer than the only #childabuse prevention legislation in US. #CAPTA was passed in 1974. #SwitchUp

Total concession sales during #Superbowl would provide 40 million meals for those living in #poverty. #SuperBowlSwitchUp #FoodInsecurity

In 2011, there were 45.2 million people living in #poverty – 3 hrs of concession sales would provide meals 4 almost 90%. #SuperBowlSwitchUp

The average #teacher’s annual salary is half what each winning #SuperBowl team player will make today alone. #Education #SuperBowlSwitchUp

Taxpayers pd $471 million 4 #Superdome, abt $30 million > US spends on early intervention 4 #children w/ #disabilities annually. #SwitchUp

Average 3 females, 1 male #DomesticViolence victims R murdered daily.Studies show higher r8s 4 fans of losing team SuperBowlSunday #SwitchUp

One #SuperBowl ring would pay for almost 2 months of #fostercare for a child. #SuperBowlSwitchUp

Cost of all #SuperBowl rings would pay for #fostercare for a year 18 #children. #SuperBowlSwitchUp

Top 3 NFL players make more $$ in 1 year than cost of 1 year of college for all former #fostercare #youth who will attend #SuperBowlSwitchUp

Cost of half-time show lasting less than 30 min would cover annual cost of #fostercare for 15 kids or 1 yr college for 20 #SuperBowlSwitchUp

If 1 in 170 persons watching #SuperBowl volunteered, there could be #mentor for every child in #fostercare in US. #SuperBowlSwitchUp

One beer company will spend $20 million on #SuperBowl ads, enough to provide 160 MILLION meals to those living w/ #foodinsecurity. #SwitchUp

The Clydesdale horses in beer commercials during #SuperBowl have better #healthcare than most Americans. #SuperBowlSwitchUp

Taxpayer dollars spent on 2013 #SuperBowl stadium is approx $440 million more than is spent on #adoption assistance in US #SuperBowlSwitchUp

Can U imagine what it would be like if US cared as much about & spent as much on 650,000 kids in #fostercare annually as they do #SuperBowl?

Or what if companies spent as much on early #childhood #education as they do for ads during the #SuperBowl?

What if #teachers were treated like #SuperBowl stars?

Or the money spent on concessions was donated to pay for meals for the hungry? #FoodInsecurity #SuperBowlSwitchUp

We pay more attention to 100 #football players than we do to #children’s issues. #SuperBowlSwitchUp

Maybe it’s time to switch things up and pay attention to our future, our #children. #SuperBowlSwitchUp

Thanks all for the RTs, MTs, and Replies! It’s time we cared as much about our #children as we do about #football! #SuperBowlSwitchUp

Congratulations @MichaelOher! You are a hero to thousands of kids in #fostercare!


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