Critiquing Child Welfare

When it comes to finding fault, there’s never a shortage of people lining up to point fingers and lay blame on failing child welfare systems. The state agency didn’t do enough to protect a child. Inadequate supports are provided to youth aging out of foster care. Reform efforts have failed. We have failed our children.

We have failed our children. Yes, it’s true. Thousands of children in the US are abused….daily. Nearly a half-dozen children die of child abuse daily. A child enters foster care approximately every two minutes in the United States. What is wrong with our child welfare systems; the systems established to protect children? Why can we not figure this out and end child abuse and the need for foster care?

Perhaps we are looking in the wrong places for answers. Perhaps the answers are in our homes, our neighborhoods, our communities. Maybe, just maybe, we need to look at ourselves and ask, what am I doing to protect vulnerable children?mirroring-711926_1280

I’ve previously written on ways to get involved in the child welfare system. If you are one of the thousands shaking your head wondering how we could have failed our children, perhaps you should ask yourself, ‘what have I done to prevent child abuse and the need for children to enter, or stay in foster care?’. You’ve likely heard the saying, ‘if you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem‘. Take a look in the mirror. What are you doing to be part of the child welfare solution? What are you doing in your home, your neighborhood, your community, to be a part of the solution?

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I am a Child Welfare Advocate, Data-geek, Writer (and Reader), Cheesecake Baker, and Stunt Kite Flyer .... balance is important! 8-) © 2005-2018 Connie Hayek All Rights Reserved
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1 Response to Critiquing Child Welfare

  1. Martha says:

    I wish every child is safe on this planet. I know the feeling of being abused, and it’s horrible. Child welfare seems these days a part of business 😦

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