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My name is Connie Hayek and I’ve been working in child welfare over 20 years (I started at the age of 9….).  This blog is mostly about child welfare and occasionally about related issues.  Often news pieces catch my attention and I can’t help but share information, contribute to the conversation, express an opinion, or suggest innovations.  Hence, I started this blog so that I could write to my heart’s content!photo_3 thinker

In case you are wondering about my background….I like to tell people I’ve done everything in child welfare except two things: I’ve never been a lawyer (representing the state, children, or parents), and I’ve never been a judge.  With training in social work, I began my career as a case worker in a public (state) child welfare agency.  I’ve worked in public and private settings, higher education, with a contractor for the federal government, and in national advocacy organizations.  I’ve trained foster and adoptive parents as well as case workers.  I’ve been a CASA volunteer and a licensed foster parent.  (The latter was the most difficult role, IMO!)
I’ve provided consultation in a number of areas related to children and families for about 10 years.  I’ve volunteered in many community programs in the areas of domestic violence, AIDs, cancer support services, health care, grant writing & reviewing, adult literacy, and disaster response.  My blog entries will draw on many if not all of these experiences.

I welcome comments, ideas for topics, or other perspectives.  So feel free to join in the conversation!

If you wish to reprint anything found in my blog, I request that you please contact me for permission. Feel free to refer your friends and/or link to my blog.
I like visitors! 🙂

Please feel free to contact me regarding consultation and training services in child welfare, data analysis, stakeholder engagement, early childhood, fund development, non-profit innovation, or related areas.



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2 Responses to About Me

  1. Kimberly Day says:

    “Law and Order: SVU” Star, Tamara Tunie Speaks Up for Kids,
    Asks Congress to Stop Child Abuse Deaths

    Washington, DC January 18, 2011- Today, the National Coalition to End Child Abuse Deaths announced that Ms. Tunie is lending her star power to the group’s efforts by becoming their official spokesperson. The Coalition, which includes the National District Attorneys Association, Every Child Matters Education Fund, the National Association of Social Workers, the National Center for Child Death Review, and the National Children’s Alliance, is working to make child maltreatment deaths a national political priority.

    According to the Coalition, more than 2,500 U.S. children are killed each year as a result of abuse and neglect.

    The relationship between the Coalition and Ms. Tunie began in October 2009 following the release of the report, “We Can Do Better: Child Abuse and Neglect Deaths in America” at a rally on Capitol Hill, where Ms. Tunie was a guest speaker. On “Law and Order, Special Victims Unit,” she plays the role of Dr. Melinda Warner, a medical examiner who helps solve fictional crimes about abuse and neglect. Off screen, she’s now devoting time to helping real life victims.

    Her first action as the official spokesperson is a YouTube Video asking the public to sign a petition urging Congressional leaders to hold hearings to raise awareness and establish a national commission on child abuse deaths. To sign the petition visit http://www.endchildabusedeaths.org. Over the next year, Ms. Tunie will participate in and host awareness raising events in select cities on behalf of the Coalition and it’s mission.

    Ms. Tunie stated, “When Neal Bear, the Executive Producer of Law and Order: SVU, brought this organization to my attention, I had to become involved. The statistics are shocking! It is my hope that my involvement will bring much needed attention and resources to this problem.”

    “Ms. Tunie’s help in raising awareness about this national tragedy is invaluable.  Preventing child deaths from abuse and neglect can become a common goal for the nation’s policymakers, civic leaders and the creative community”, says Kimberly Day, Coordinator for the Coalition.

    For more information about the National Coalition to End Child Abuse Deaths and to view the YouTube video visit, endchildabusedeaths.org

  2. What you do is most admirable. I commend you.

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