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Critiquing Child Welfare

When it comes to finding fault, there’s never a shortage of people lining up to point fingers and lay blame on failing child welfare systems. The state agency didn’t do enough to protect a child. Inadequate supports are provided to … Continue reading

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Healthy Healers: Broken People Can Make the Best Healers

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Recently, a faculty member providing oversight to a mental health program in higher education told me that many of her students had mental health ‘issues’ themselves. It’s a phenomenon known by many in the helping professions–people gravitate towards careers in … Continue reading

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Elevator Speech For Those Working in Child Welfare

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I’ll preface my comments by saying that I’ve done ALMOST everything there is to do in child welfare. I’ve been a caseworker, a residential youth worker, a supervisor, a manager, a trainer, a foster parent, a CASA volunteer, a consultant, … Continue reading

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Looking In The Mirror; Where Did We Go Wrong?

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Outraged, saddened, disappointed: these all describe my reaction to a news story I recently read. The headlines tipped me off that this was not going to leave me feeling optimistic about our society’s interest in caring for our most vulnerable. … Continue reading

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Could More Parents = Permanency for Kids?

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The headline reads, “Brown signs bill to allow children more than two legal parents“. While the bill may have been targeted at same-sex couples, my thoughts immediately went a slightly different direction. After more than two decades of working in … Continue reading

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Confidentiality Policies That Hurt Children

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A news story regarding abuse recently resulted in thousands of dollars in donations. The abuse was against a dog. The community was appropriately outraged when pictures and details of the abuse were aired by local television stations. The community responded … Continue reading

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Foster Kids Deserve To Be Normal Kids

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Last week the Governor of Florida signed into law HB 215: “Normalcy Bill”, otherwise known as the “Let Kids Be Kids” bill. This bill deserves a HUGE shout-out for demonstrating insight into the everyday challenges children and youth face growing … Continue reading

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